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Part One of our Interview with Music Photographer Jason Herman 

How do you get to be a music photographer? What do you have to know? In Part One of his interview with Adam Cole, photographer Jason Herman talks about what he loves doing best.

Jason Herman is a DC-based music photographer who is featured in the documentary "A Year In the Pit." His work can be seen on his Twitter feed iamtourmalet and at

What is good piano technique? 

In Part One of our Interview with Richard Beauchamp we explore the question of piano technique. Is there a "good one?" What does "good" mean? Is there one technique or many?

Richard Beauchamp is a pianist and educator who has studied with, among others, Ernest Empson. He performed on radio and television and appeared as soloist with the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra.

Early in his training he became fascinated by the difficulty music teachers seem to have in explaining what they mean, and by the fact that what they did was very often different from what they said. This led to a lifelong interest in anatomy and the mechanics of movement. 

In 1977 he joined the staff of St Mary's Music School in Edinburgh, where he has been Head of Keyboard for the majority of his years there until his retirement from the post in April, 2014. He continues to teach piano and accompany the students.

(Interviewer's note: The history of piano technique to which I refer in the interview is "Famous Pianists and Their Technique" by Reginald Gerig.)

Mastery, Innovation and Service - What it Means to be a Music Pro - Part 2 of our interview with Matt Rollings 

Matt Rollings is a sought-after piano virtuoso whose performance discography spans thousands of recordings. These range from Eric Clapton, Lyle Lovett, Billy Joel, Johnny Cash, and Queen to Metallica, The Dixie Chicks, Steve Martin and Edie Brickell, Mavis Staples, Sheryl Crow, and more.
In Part Two, Matt discusses his professional music principles. Anyone wanting to be a professional musician must watch this video!
Mastery, Innovation, and Service - What It Means to Be a Music Pro - Matt Rollings Part 2

Why I Played Piano On A Billy Joel Record 



Sondheim, Kenny Leon, and What Theatre Can Do - Interview with Beowulf Boritt Part Two 

In Part Two of our interview, Tony Award Winning Set Designer Beowulf Boritt explains what Stephen Sondheim taught him about the potential of theater. He also talks in depth about working with Kenny Leon and getting out of his own comfort zone to tell necessary stories. Not to be missed! #sondheim #blacktheatre #setdesign #broadway

Interview With Brent Stansfield, Part 4 

One of Adam's long-time collaborators is songwriter and psychologist Brent Stansfield. The two have collaborated twice on "Song Fight," an online songwriting challenge. In Part 4 of our interview, we discuss quick-writing challenges, being young and foolish, and why collaboration will be the thing you wish you'd done when you're almost dead.  #collaboration #songwriting #songwriters #songwriter #songwritingchallenge #psychology #statistics

Interview With Brent Stansfield, Part 2 

In Part 2 of Adam's interview, Brent condenses his extensive research and experience into powerful summations of what we need for optimal learning, and teaching. Brent Stansfield is the Director of Education: Graduate Medical Education at Wayne State University School of Medicine. He is also a songwriter and collaborator with Adam Cole.

Getting Awesome! Interview with Kupe Kupersmith, Part One 

Kupe Kupersmith helps people get "awesome" through his improv-based workshops. In Part One of his interview with host Adam Cole, Kupe talks about how he failed his CPA exam and struggled as a stand-up comic before finding his feet in improv comedy, which he used to improve his business skills.