Adam Cole

Working on his first book at the age of six, Adam was already interested in communicating his ideas to people!  Following his dream to be a writer, he attended Oberlin College as an English Major, but became much more interested in taking music classes at the Conservatory, learning to how play jazz, conduct and write for the orchestra.  By the time he got out, he was completely sold on becoming a professional musician.

He came back to Atlanta and worked for a decade as a jazz bandleader and ballet accompanist.  After starting a family, he moved to a 12 year career as a public school choral director.  His years in public school in front of a variety of very tough (and very smart) children gave him the opportunity to learn what works and what doesn't in a teaching setting.

Now he serves as Co-Director of the Grant Park Academy of the Arts where he fosters a new generation of musicians and writers who work with a greater self-understanding.  His background in jazz and The Feldenkrais Method offer him tools to make the learning connections that many other teachers miss.  His students and readers are looking for a friend and a guide. 

Adam still managed to become a writer!  His work is available on Amazon and anywhere else books are sold.  Go to our books page and buy now!




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