Songwriter Adam Cole is the Director of Willow Music and the creator of TruerMU.  He has been featured and interviewed in numerous periodicals and podcasts from Psychology Today to Reader’s Digest.  His interviews with musicians and creatives are followed faithfully by the TruerMU Community.

A professional Jazz and Classical pianist who studied at the Oberlin Conservatory of Music, Adam maintained the Adam Cole Trio for ten years in Atlanta before transitioning to become a music educator.  Following his eleven years working in public schools, Adam founded Willow Music and TruerMU to further explore the truth about music.  Adam's videos and books center around music education and its relationships to other subjects like math, creative writing, and physical, mental and emotional well-being.  He has spoken in places as far away as Israel about his use of the Feldenkrais Method to enhance music instruction.

To book Adam to speak at your event, contact him at   To learn more about Adam's writing, visit our books page.