Adam Cole

Adam Cole wants to transform the world, one reader at a time.

Adam writes about the central issues keeping us from moving: fear, doubt, lack of awareness of ourselves and our relationships.  The characters in Adam's books live in vibrant, sometimes terrifying worlds and seek hope and inspiration to combat those who worship doubt and despair.  He is constantly asking:  ‘How can we learn to see clearly in ourselves what is holding us back?


Adam began as a jazz bandleader and ballet accompanist in Atlanta, simultaneously crafting his first novel, The Myth of Magic.  He continued to write and publish during a 12 year career as a public school choral director.  Now he serves as Co-Director of the Grant Park Academy of the Arts where he fosters a new generation of musicians and writers who work with a greater self-understanding.

His fiction includes the books Motherless Child and the young adult fantasy series World of Noit Celf.  His non-fiction includes books about jazz, the piano, and the Feldenkrais Method.  His readers, like him, are seekers looking for a friend and a guide.

Adam’s work is available on Amazon and anywhere else books are sold.  Go to our books page and buy now!




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