I will show you how to shift away from perfectionism so you can make progress.


Perfectionism is like wearing a hat with a feather in it.

Ever try turning to look at the feather?  What happens?

Sometimes what you’re trying to do keeps you from the thing you want to do!

You can turn your head as hard as you want, as fast, as slow, but you’re never going to see the feather.

But there’s a way to achieve your goals in the same way as there’s an obvious solution to this problem.

You just need someone who can hold up a mirror.

If you’re an overachiever and a perfectionist, having someone hold up a mirror must seem like cheating.

But you know that already because you’re still reading this.

You haven’t decided if I’m the right fit because you want to be in control of the process.  You will be!



My approach will keep you in the driver’s seat and still give you the changes you want…provided…


Even under the best circumstances, you may fall short of your goals.

The point is, what goals are you setting every day, and what constitutes success?  Ready to look at that?

I’ve used The Adam Cole Coaching Method successfully with clients for a decade.  Since that great success with my first student, I’ve been tweaking and improving the approach, making it more efficient and more effective.

If you are ready, willing and serious, we have a good chance at getting you where you want to go.

This is a process.  Different people enter at different places, and some parts are easier than others depending on who you are and what you’ve been through.

Sometimes you may need additional stages custom-designed for you.  That’s fine.


The Adam Cole Seven Step Coach Approach


What do you know?

I always start my first lesson with someone figuring out what they know.  Not only does this give them a chance to own their successes and knowledge, but it keeps me from teaching them something they've already learned!


What do you want?

You may think you know what you want, but have you said it out loud?

Defining the goal, or goals, is key to beginning to create a plan to reach them.

My most important role is to help you identify the problem so that we can look at ways to break it up and solve it.  While you could possibly manage the rest of the process on your own, this is the one you really need me for.


What’s your timeline?

Our approach is going to be different based on whether you have your whole life to figure this out, or a concert next week!

We’ll define your timeline as an important part of the process.  It’s amazing what we can do in a week.  It’s even more amazing how we keep learning through our whole lives.

Most of you probably fall somewhere in the middle.  Figuring out exactly how much time we have to work with will be key to our success.


Do you have the tools to solve the problem?

Have you ever tried to pound in a screw with a hammer?  Or tried to make pancakes with self-rising flour?  You get a mess when you leave the best tool for the job behind.

Once we identify your problem, we can start talking about whether you have the tools to address it.  Maybe you need help finding them.  Or maybe they’re actually in hand, and you never knew you had them!  


Breaking up the task

I took 17 years to write my novel Motherless Child.  How did I manage to keep at it that long?  I thought of that 17 years as lots of little steps!

You can accomplish almost anything if you break it down into manageable tasks.  This is a skill that some people have automatically.  Others need to learn how to do it.

Even if you’re new at this particular skill, learning how to break up the task will empower you like nothing you’ve ever experienced before.  Can you imagine having a map to get you to your wildest dream, with each step completely doable?


Taking steps that are the right size

Here’s something that good task-breaker-uppers don’t always know:  You can break the steps up too small.

Believe it or not, having interim steps that are too easy can be just as bad as having steps that are too hard.  Have you ever tried to walk up a staircase when the stairs are really shallow?  Say 49 steps for a single story?  It’s exhausting!

Sometimes making the steps too small makes a task impossible.  Try looking at a photograph under a microscope.  Does seeing all those dots make it easier for you to recognize the picture?

It took me twenty years to learn how to correctly size a task, and this is a skill I’m happy to bring to you.  Often it’s the difference between you being stuck right at the starting gate versus being nearly at the finish line.



Once we’ve gotten to the end of this process, it’s time to reassess.  You may be where you want to be.  

On the other hand, you may feel disoriented.  Why?  Because now you’re a different person!

So we take another look at who you are…now!  And we see if the problems have changed, and if we need to determine new solutions.  Refinement.




The Adam Cole Seven Step Coach Approach is a process, not a product!


I’ve just described my method for working with clients.  It’s my framework, my toolbox.  You exist outside of that toolbox!


I’ve thought a lot about how to work with musicians and I have a process to follow to keep us on the path.  The process is just that: flexible.  We can add to it or subtract from it as we need to.


I use this process to invest in my own growth as well!  I hire a coach to coach me (I can’t see my feather!)  In addition, I’m always adding resources to my stable:  trainings, books, courses.

If you look at my diverse qualifications, you’ll see that I’ve got resources no other coach can match.  In particular, there are only a few thousand people in the world with a Feldenkrais Certification.  Add to that my experience as a performer in classical music and improvisatory jazz, a singer and pianist (and sometimes guitarist), and a public speaker that’s been all over the world, and you’ve got a strong friend in your corner!


There are three ways to work with me.  I’ve found most people prefer the Gradual Growth Approach


I think people prefer it because they don’t want to be rushed.

Of course we can get results quickly.  They’ll just be different results than if you take your time.

Making a longer-term commitment demonstrates to yourself that you take your process seriously.  It also gives us time to figure out what’s really going on.

That being said, you may have done a lot of work already, in which case you may only need a quick consult.


The Self-Shift – $6999

For people who want to completely rethink themselves as musicians.  Using principles of the Feldenkrais Method, we'll discover how to make you the musician you want to be.

Takes approximately 9-12 months

It includes 22 sessions and unlimited email support.

You may split payments into up to three installments.

If you are completely serious about making a change in the way you understand yourself so that you can present the way you want, this is the approach for you.

Sessions last as long as you want up to 60 minutes.

If you can’t always meet, or you’d like to delay the meetings for a while, we can use that time to work on the following things

  • Practice for performance preparation
  • Self-editing (when and when not to do it!)
  • Self-assessments - who am I now?
  • Marketing - how do I do it?
  • How to teach someone else

You’ll have access to my mobile number, and I’ll be available for your questions any time between 7 am and 7 pm, Monday through Friday, as well as specified hours on Sunday. If for any reason I am unable to answer, I will return your call at my first opportunity.

This package is only for those people who are chomping at the bit to make a change.

Depending on our schedules, we may agree to combine sessions.



*Subject to platform