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Some people have a "tribe," a group of people they can call their own.  The members of the tribe may be separated by distance, but they're linked by a common issue - "We're all neuroatypical."  "We're all into David Bowie."  "We're all left-handed redheads."

I always wanted a "tribe,"  but I never could fit into one.  I was interested in too many things.  I've cultivated friendships over the years with individuals whom I trust and with whom I share my thoughts and visions for a world where the arts, sciences and popular culture can co-exist..

I created TruerMU and started interviewing people about their creative lives.  Some are famous, like Cheap Trick producer Tom Werman and drummer Liberty Devitto.  Others are people that want to be famous, or are just getting started and think they're going to be.

I like talking to these people because it helps me answer some of the questions I've had for years about life, music, fame.  I've been lost and found, through the highs and lows, missing the ball so many times my arms hurt from swinging.  I've failed, but it's okay, because I'm still looking for something...

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