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Interview With Brent Stansfield, Part 4 

One of Adam's long-time collaborators is songwriter and psychologist Brent Stansfield. The two have collaborated twice on "Song Fight," an online songwriting challenge. In Part 4 of our interview, we discuss quick-writing challenges, being young and foolish, and why collaboration will be the thing you wish you'd done when you're almost dead.  #collaboration #songwriting #songwriters #songwriter #songwritingchallenge #psychology #statistics

Interview With Brent Stansfield, Part 2 

In Part 2 of Adam's interview, Brent condenses his extensive research and experience into powerful summations of what we need for optimal learning, and teaching. Brent Stansfield is the Director of Education: Graduate Medical Education at Wayne State University School of Medicine. He is also a songwriter and collaborator with Adam Cole.

Getting Awesome! Interview with Kupe Kupersmith, Part One 

Kupe Kupersmith helps people get "awesome" through his improv-based workshops. In Part One of his interview with host Adam Cole, Kupe talks about how he failed his CPA exam and struggled as a stand-up comic before finding his feet in improv comedy, which he used to improve his business skills.

This week's interview 

Jerry Fields is a remarkable drummer and percussionist whose work with Bruce Hampton and the Afro-Cuban Jazz ensemble Vecinos Del Mundo has made him a sought-out session player and a vibrant educator. In the first part of our interview, Jerry talks about how he got his start in the dive-bars of 60's Atlanta, and what it was like to play with the not-yet-legendary Col. Bruce Hampton. Watch part two at #jerryfields #drummer #musiceducation #drumming #drumminglife #BruceHampton