Have You Heard About My Newest Book?

Dear Musicfriends,

When you were in school, did you learn about jazz?

What did you learn about it?  Do you think you understand jazz today?  Do you know what the musicians are doing?

My newest book, Authentic Ways of Teaching Jazz, is designed to provide music teachers with lessons that communicate what is meaningful about our vital American music.  It contains sections on lessons for elementary school teachers, a discussion of how to introduce blues piano, and an overview of vocal improvisation for the middle school chorus.  Throughout, children are guided to learn about the music from the inside out, the way jazz musicians know it.

The link to preview the book is here:  https://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/Authentic-Ways-of-Teaching-Jazz-1961302 

I'd love your thoughts and comments!

Your musicfriend,



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