When I Found Out I Was Neuroatypical - The Problem Solving Problems - Presentation

The Problem Solving Problems

This is a discussion about how to solve problems, both simple and hard. After a life of solving problems with a neuroatypical brain, Adam goes into detail about his own journey in discovering what he perceived was his greatest problem and the surprising solution. 

The Video Summed Up 

1) Problem solving requires breaking a problem into comprehensible pieces (not too small, not too large) and then reconstructing the pieces into something that can be "carried."

 2) Sometimes the connecting element is bigger than the problem, seemingly unrelated. 

 3) After a lifetime of solving very difficult problems, Adam discovered that the connecting element was his neurodivergence. It both caused his difficulties and enabled him to persevere. Ultimately he was working on those problems to discover who he was and to learn to love himself.

 Adam is the producer of the YouTube podcast "TruerMU" and the Director of Willow Music in Atlanta, GA, as well as the Assistant Editor of the Feldenkrais Journal. Through his talks and workshops, he addresses issues of problem-solving and cognition in children and adults, offering concrete strategies for working through anxiety and adversity. Learn more about Adam at http://www.acole.net Help for Helpers Nov 20, 2023 For a transcript of this presentation, please visit https://acole.net/the-feldenkrais-method

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