I'll give you back your time.

Have you lost months, even years to insecurity?  Time you could have spent writing the book, playing the concert, giving the speeches? 

We're going to get that time back to you.

After working with me, you will

  • Be able to work with more efficiency
  • Be able to make concise and confident presentations
  • Be able to plan for and execute difficult personal and professional transitions

If that's what you're looking for, keep reading.


Growth can be difficult

Maybe you'd rather stay where it's safe.

You don't know how to get over that hurdle.  It's too big, too hard, too scary.

“Safe” is fine, but it keeps you from doing what you're meant to do.

When you work with me, you learn how to self-reflect, recognize what you do well, and see what job you need to do next.  I give the whole method away in my book, which you can get for free!


What does it take to improve confidence?

A lot of coaches teach tricks and hacks.

I know from experience that they rarely work. 

So instead I give key principles like 

  • How to assess where you're at
  • How to create a solid plan for your goal
  • How to recover from setbacks

Then I show you how to apply them to your situation so you can move forward.

If you want to get the most out of your time, then I can help you.

How do I know I can help you?

Because apart from working with people just like you for the last twenty years, I’ve also done for myself exactly what you want to do.

When I attended Oberlin College I had so much stage fright around the piano that I couldn’t play in front of anyone, and I almost couldn’t play in front of myself.  Today I’m a professional organist and pianist who’s played in front of large audiences.  I even have my own YouTube channel where I share my performances to the whole world.

I used to be terrified of putting myself out there as an entrepreneur.  I felt like everyone was talking about me.  Today I have numerous books, videos and lessons for sale, and a thriving coaching practice.

I’m growing just like you. I just happen to understand myself, my strengths and weaknesses, and how to turn them into opportunities for improvement in the most efficient way possible.

I have the perfect plan for our journey.  

“Wait.  Do I have to hire you now? That's scary!"

Not yet.  I provide all kinds of support for free through my newsletter, my YouTube channel and my Facebook Group.

Of course, you are welcome to book a Zoom consultation any time.

But I’m equally happy to have you sign up for my newsletter and get your free copy of How to Solve Your Big Problem first.

That way you can see if I really can save you a lot of time.


Photo by Addison Hill

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