Are you the musician you want to be?

Is  fear keeping you from achieving your musical goals?  What if you could move past it? 

For thirty years Adam Cole has been breaking down the barriers between music and people who want to make it.   In his classes and workshops he helps people find the places where they are stuck and brings them through it to greater ability, confidence and happiness. On his YouTube Channel Adam talks with people about their musical journeys, from beginners to pros, and even some famous faces!




The world needs your art!

The world is damaged.  It needs passion, dedication, courage: in short, you.  

You have all of these things.  They manifest when you perform and when you prepare yourself to perform.  They come out and they inspire people.

Decide that you're going to be the performer you imagine you could be, maybe even the performer you never thought you could be!  

What's stopping you?

Time to heal. Time to grow.

There could be lots of things stopping you from performing.

It could be an emotional block that's kept you from tapping into the intense passion that belongs to you.

It could be a mental trap where you circle around and around and never find your way.

If could be a physical issue that's affecting how you feel and how you think without your even knowing it.

All of these things can be seen, recognized, and transcended.

improvement is endless

So are you ready?

We can't wait to work with you!

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