You've been working in a corporate environment.  Now you're transitioning to a more creative career and you suddenly have to learn all kinds of new skills.  I can help.

Have you given up on your career transition? 

Are you afraid that the things you'll need to learn are too hard for you?  Math?  Writing?  Public presentation?

Should you just stay where you're at?

Instead, work with me.  After a month, my clients learn to

  • Set achievable benchmarks and the right pace so learning is manageable 
  • Improve problem-solving 
  • Start doing so they can take their learning deeper

Want to know more?  Read on!


Sometimes learning can be difficult

Maybe you are transitioning to a new career.  Maybe you need to be a better writer, better at math, better at talking to people.

Maybe you think you're not very smart.

If you grew up in our current education system, the odds are nobody taught you how to learn.  But unbelievable growth is still possible for everyone.  You just need the right coach.

New learning always requires some effort.  The question is whether that effort is enjoyable.  And it can be!


What does it take to make learning fun, and make it last?

Therapy may have given you the desire to move on.  But once you decide on a path, then what?

You have to learn whatever skills you need to move forward.  And that can feel overwhelming!

So we work on key principles like 

  • Assessing what you do well, and what you need to improve.  
  • Determining the most important task to work on first.
  • Problem-solving with the big picture in mind

These are all skills good learners know.  They can be applied to math, music, and, of course, business!

If you want to get the most out of your time, then I can help you.

How do I know I can help?

Because I started out as that kid who couldn't learn.

I seemed smart…I made up my own computer games, read for fun, and drew pictures.  But when it came time to learn new skills, I would get so overwhelmed that I used to fall asleep!  By middle school I was failing math, and my high-school grades were average.

I didn't know how to get around my own brain so that I could learn what I needed.  And there was no one to help me.  I remained in a kind of limbo, unable to become the person that I wanted to be.

I decided that I was going to get to the bottom of my learning difficulties.  Thirty years later I'm sharing what I discovered with you:  How to turn your existing strengths into opportunities for improvement in the places you want to grow.

Want to know more? Wondering what it would be like to work with me? I have the perfect plan for our journey!

“Wait.  Am I supposed to hire you now?  I'm not ready!"

There's no rush!  I give away a lot of my information.  I provide free support through my newsletter, my YouTube channel and my Substack Group.

You are welcome to book a Zoom consultation any time.

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That way you can decide when you're ready.

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