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*Overcoming Stage Fright

* Changing Your Self-Image

* Saving Education Through the Arts

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Overcoming Stage Fright:  How can you speak in public when all you want to do is run away?  What is the difference between jitters and anxiety and how can you work with both?  Living with crippling stage fright his whole life,  Adam shares what he’s learned about reaching the crowd and coming away happy and confident.  Book Adam now!

Changing Your Self-Image: Combining The Felenkrais Method with his experience as a creator and educator, Adam talks about how to change our approach to learning, and so learn to do anything.  Book Adam now!


Saving Education Through the Arts:  When we teach students to think like musicians we are giving all stakeholders exactly what they want.  How do we make this truth clear to administrators, parents and educators?  How do we make it clear to ourselves? Participants will receive a free copy of Adam's Book: Arts Education: The Art of Transformation, The Transformation of the Arts.   Book Adam now!


Other Talks and Workshops

To inquire on current schedule, availability and pricing, please contact Adam Cole

Leading Like a Bandleader:  After 10 years in the music industry, Adam came away with valuable information on how to best lead teams.  As heard on Contendercast, Adam shares his unique perspective with business and team leaders. Book Adam now!




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