Courses Available Online


When the pandemic forced everyone online, Adam realized he could interview anyone in the world via Zoom, and when he started inviting compelling guests to his show, they said yes!  He shared these interviews on his YOUTUBE CHANNEL and a community began to form.  Adam talks with a new guest each week, from Grammy nominated songwriter Shawn Mullins and Cheap Trick producer Tom Werman to influencer Rick Beato.  Watch the interviews on our YouTube Channel!  Check out our PLAYLISTS to find the topic or person that interests you!

Want to book Adam as the speaker at your event?  Adam offers PRESENTATIONS AND WORKSHOPS  on how to teach music so kids and adults will learn.  Schedule your virtual or in-person event now. 

Adam is also available live or via Zoom for one-on-one lessons and consultations.  Visit to learn about our Music School or contact Adam directly.