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 — (EDT, UTC-04)  — (EDT, UTC-04) Bruce Springsteen - Born to Run, Performed Live - Part of the James Brewer-Calvert Singalong Series First Christian Church of Decatur, Decatur, GA 30030 First Christian Church of Decatur, Decatur, GA 30030
Interview with Cayla Brooke  
Interview With Brian Baraszu, Drum Instructor  
Interview with Thomas Goss, Orchestration Teacher  
Interview With Shannon Heuermann, Voice Instructor  
Interview with Shana Blake Hill  
Interview with Anne-Marie Lax  
Interview With Mike Burton  
Interview with Rick Beato  
Interview With Darcy Hamlin, 3rd Horn of the Milwakuee Symphony  
Interview With Bradley Cole Smith, Singer/Songwriter  
Interview with Glo Boi, rap/hip-hop artist  
Interview With Daniel Wytanis, Trombone Instructor  
Interview With Adelaide Federici, Violinist and Instructor  
Interview With Nick Rosen, Jazz Pianist and Instructor  
Interview With Jason Bivins, On Religion and Music  
Interview With Steve Espinola, "The Wisdom of the Songwriter"  
Interview With Gwen Hughes, Singer/Songwriter - "On Jazz and Other Delights"  
Interview With Dave Pickett, "Color and Sound"  
Interview with Bree Noble  

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