Hofstadter's Grandchildren

Metawritings Inspired by Godel, Escher, Bach

What begins as an open letter to Douglas Hofstadter, Pulitzer Prize-winning author, soon becomes a journey into myriad self-discoveries. Hofstadter’s Grandchildren is a collection of poetry and fi ction inspired by Gödel, Escher, Bach including a four-line play about a four-line play, a narrative about a child who becomes the wind, and a story about the author’s ultimate crisis of confidence. With outright lies and earth-shattering true-confessions, Hofstadter’s Grandchildren reminds us that to know ourselves, sometimes we have to forget who we are.

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Poetic Settings of Felix Mendelssohn's Songs Without Words

A collection of lyrical settings of the complete Songs Without Words by Felix Mendelssohn.  Introduction by the author.

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