Adam Cole, Curriculum Vitae

    Georgia State University, Master of Music, Concentration in Music Education            2010
    Georgia State University, Bachelor of Music, Summa cum Laude                  2006
    Oberlin College, Bachelor of Arts                                  1991
    Composition,   Nikitos Demos, Curtis Bryant, Dennis Eberhard
    Conducting,  Alan Raines, Robert Ponto, Daniel Moe
Classical Piano,  Geoffrey Haydon, Ivan Waldbauer, John Chagy
    Jazz Piano,  Danny Harper, Geoffrey Haydon, Ted Howe, Neal Creque
    Cello,  Martha Gershefski    

    Clear Renewable Certificate, Music P-12,
        Endorsements:  Instructional Coaching                01/2006-present
    Dale Carnegie Training                                     2002
    Guild Certification, Feldenkrais Method                         2001-present
    Four year, eight-session training (800 hours) to gain Certification


Attendee - Cognitively Based Compassion Training                     2016
Clinician - Elementary Choral Festival, Atlanta Public Schools                             2015
Clinician -  Dalcroze and the Feldenkrais Method – working with Special
Needs populations (autism, disability, veterans) – co-presented
With David Frego (Dalcroze) – Longy Dalcroze Summer Institute         2013
Clinician -  The Feldenkrais Method – Summerflute, Andover Educators
 – Columbus, GA                                                                                                 2012
 Consultant – The Feldenkrais Method Alan Fraser Piano
 Workshop – Northampton, MA                                                                         2011            
 Attendee - Future Horizons - Autism and Asperger’s
Syndrome Conference                                                                                2010                       

Graduate Assistantship, 2009, Georgia State University
       “Excellence in Teaching” Award, 2007, Georgia State University
Graduate Scholarship awarded on the basis of merit in professional practice
Recommended Reading List: “Valerie Jackson Between The Lines, 2007” for Hofstadter’s Grandchildren
 Best Of Websites, for
 Vernon B. Kellet Award in the Humanities, 1987, The Lovett School

Co-Director, Grant Park Academy of the Arts                   2014-Present
Head of music instruction business with multiple teachers instructing children and adults in piano, voice, composition and other studies.
Homeschool and afterschool workshops and series.  
Summer camps
Two recitals yearly.
Project Manager, Georgia Department of Education                              2017-2018
Facilitated committee meetings, served as a content expert for music in state revision process for music GPS.  Edited documents for content and vertical alignment between grade levels. Met with teachers to reach consensus, set up meeting rooms, met with State Fine Arts Manager, planned project details and wrote content.
Webmaster - Greater Altanta Choral Exchange                             2014-present                             2011-Present
Designed and managed county-wide website to serve Greater Atlanta Chorus and General music teachers
Fine Arts Support Team                                         2014-Present
Appointed by Fine Arts Coordinator to serve on team both as an advisor to Elementary Music Specialists in APS, and a liason between elementary and middle-school choral instructors.
Superintendent Advisory Council                                 2013-2014          
    Nominated by principal to represent Haynes Bridge Middle
School in three County Wide discussion groups incorporating
teachers from all subjects asked to assess Superintendent
Avossa’s initiatives for the future of Fulton County.
Scheduling Committee, Haynes Bridge Middle School                         2013-2014
    Worked to develop the Master Schedule for the 2014-2015 year.
Georgia Department of Education, Student Learning Objectives                            2013
Nominated by principal to represent Haynes Bridge Middle School in statewide seminar discussing the development of Student Learning Objectives for Fulton County
Chair of Connections Department, Leadership Committee                      2011 - 2014
Represented all Arts and PE teachers on a committee consisting of Grade Level Chairs and Administrators
Facilitated disbursal of information from Leadership meetings to Arts and PE teachers.
Chair, Middle School General Music, Fulton County Schools           2010 - 2013
Appointed position, offering advisement and mentorship to Fulton County music teachers.
Designed comprehensive lesson plans for General Music classes 6-8 to be made available to all teachers in the county
Reading and Writing Committee, Haynes Bridge Middle School              2012- 2013
Served on team to increase reading and writing scores across grade levels
Music Teacher, Hebrew For Home School                   2010 - Present
    Taught traditional and modern music to approximately 12 students on
         a monthly basis
Webmaster, Fulton County Choral Exchange                             2011-Present
    Designed and managed county-wide website to serve Fulton County Chorus and General music teachers
Curriculum Committee, Fulton County Music Department                          2010
Worked as part of a team to align Fulton County music curriculum with Georiga Music Standards
Created example lesson plans for Fulton County to suggest implementation of state standards
Education Committee – Congregation Shearith Israel                                 2009 –2010
Supported the activities of Congregation Shearith Israel’s Hebrew School program in conjunction with the Synagogue Board of Directors.
Publisher/ Webmaster –                2001-2011
Maintain informative educational site on The Feldenkrais Method®
Publish monthly subscriber-based webzine: Possibilities (2001-Present)
Wrote monthly articles on topics related to The Feldenkrais Method    

    English ESOL Teacher, VIPKid  (Certified Level 2, 3, 4)            2019 - present    

    Soronisto (Music Atelierista), The Willow School of Georgia        2019 - present

    Music Specialist, First Presbyterian Preschool of Atlanta        2017- 2019

    Camp Counselor, Camp Best Friends,
        First Presbyterian Preschool of Atlanta                2017-2019

    Piano Faculty, School of the Fine Arts, First Presbyterian Church    2017-2019
    Piano Faculty, Lovett Conservatory of Music                2014-2018

    Choral and General Music Director, Hope Hill Elementary School        2014 - 2017
        Teach Chorus and General Music PK through Grade 5
        Serve as Cultural Exchange Coordinator
        Serve as EIP coach to teach reading and math skills.
        Male Student Mentor Committee
        Data Committee
    Choral Director, Haynes Bridge Middle School                 2010 – 2014
        Serve as Connections Department Chair, representing all Connections teachers on Leadership Committee
Teach chorus and general music  to grades 6-8
Responsible for 3 Chorus Classes and 3 General Music classes daily, with a maximum of 40 students per class.
Put on 3 concerts a year at school
Participated in Cluster Concert
Took students to LGPE
Provided opportunities for students to sing in their community
Participated in All-State Chorus
Participated in Regional and Statewide Honor Chorus with my students
Served as a Mentor for at-risk students
Design and maintain website for Choral and General Music program

Music Specialist, Mountain Park Elementary                         2006-2010  
    Finalist, Teacher of the Year, 2009 (appx. 70 teachers on staff)
    Co-taught chorus and general music PK through 5th grade
Put on 2 choral concerts and 3 grade-level PTA concerts a year
Worked on the Autism Team to heighten awareness of Autism Spectrum Disorders in the school community.  Attended conferences in order to report back to the school

Music Instructor, Grant Park Cooperative Preschool              summer 2005 and 2006
    Taught 3 daily music classes 5 days a week, 5 two-week
 sessions, to 1-4 year olds
Designed a Reggio-Emilia curriculum to align with Grant Park Cooperative Preschool’s teaching philosophy
Generated a public presentation detailing the use of Reggio-Emilia methods in the music classroom

    Atlanta Guitar Orchestra                            2019-present
    Jacobson Violin Studio (Suzuki Method)                    2014-present
Educational Consultant                                2013-present
Clients include Woodruff Arts Center ASO Education    
Freelance Editor                                                                                              2012-Present
Developmental Editor for The Road That Leads to Awesome by Beau Groover and Michael McIntyre.
    Developmental Editor for B2T Training Video Series
    Developmental Editor for “Dummies” series: Converted
chapters of “Business Analysis For Dummies” into
 “Dummy” format
Developmental and copy-editor for The Five Coaches Along
        The Extra Mile by Kupe Kupersmith
Editorial Staff, The Feldenkrais Journal                                                       2011-Present
Review submissions to The Feldenkrais Journal and make recom-
mendations regarding suitability for publication
Edit articles to be used in magazine
Fulton County Middle and High School Second Annual Summer Summit –
    Atlanta, GA                                          2013
    Attended seminars on Balanced Approach to Assessment, Higher Level
             Questions, Using Data to Differentiate, Student Centered Classroom,
              Teacher Leadership
Georgia Department of Education, Student Learning Objectives                            2013
Nominated by principal.  Four day seminar.  Worked in teams to design assessment items for the Georgia Department of Education (TKES).
Staff Organist, Leland United Methodist Church                        2004-6
Accompanied church-choir on organ for weekly Sunday service, special events, and rehearsals.
Leader, Adam Cole Trio                                      1992-2004
Managed a jazz ensemble of three to seven players
Featured on and Local Access Television
Played at major club venues around Georgia
Advertised and maintained client-relationships with private individuals, caterers and hospitality managers.
Editor, Que Publishing                                                 2002
Edited manuscripts and review proposals for music software and industry publications.
Company Pianist, Atlanta Ballet, Ballet Tennessee, Capitol City Ballet         1992-1997   
Accompanied classes for Atlanta Ballet and Atlanta Ballet Center for Dance Education
Collaborated with Jacques D’Amboise, Robert Barnett, John McFall, Tom Pazik, Geoffry Graham Hughes, Jon Rodriguez, Denise Jefferson, Andre Tyson, Ron Jones, Anna and Barry VanCura, Diana Turner, Chris Cangelosi, Mel Tomlinson, Kathy Macbeth


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“Milwaukee Federal Courthouse”    Doors Open Milwaukee             2015

“Where You Are”  Hope Hill Elementary Chorus                     2015

“The Count’s Mabel”  Sounds of Silent Film Festival, Chicago, IL               2014

“I’ll Tell Me Ma,” (Arr. Adam Cole)  Haynes Bridge Middle School Chorus     2013

“Blues at the Hop”  Haynes Bridge Middle School Chorus              2013

“Chik’n Tango” From “Keepin’ It Real” CD             2011

“We WishYou A Merry Chirstmas,” Haynes Bridge
    Middle School Chorus                2010

“Allegra,” Haynes Bridge Middle School Orchestra               2010

“The Star,” Haynes Bridge Middle School Chorus               2010
“Thank You,” Mountain Park Elementary School Chorus               2009

“Poor Sally,”  Alpharetta High School Chorus                     2007

“Blues Without Reason,”  Georgia State Improvisation Ensemble               2006

“Somhat,”  Duo piano performance:  Cole/ G. Haydon               2006

“All Is Restful, Gaining Strength”  Impromptu Chorus                  2001

Appearances as Clinician and Accompanist

Atlanta Public Schools - Elementary Choral Festival
          Clinician, conductor, and accompanist for separate sections            2016

Jacobson Violin Studio            2014-2018

Front Porch Session Players - various festivals and venues
          Songwriter, pianist, accordion, vocalist            2013-Present

Summerflute 2012 -                 2012
Faculty Feldenkrais Practitioner

Innaugural Concert – Congregation Shearith Israel               2012
           Featured pianist and accompanist

Alan Fraser Piano Workshop, Commencement Recital                                    2011
Featured pianist

Keepin’ It Real, CD, Chikin’ Feed, Voice talent (“La Vaca”),                                  2011
    contributing musician and composer

Grant Park Summer Shade Festival        
          Keyboards, vocal, accordion
 Wipes / Patience Grasshopper (band)            2009-2013
Front Porch Session Players (band)        2013-present      

Landscape / Fear and Love, Louise Runyon, Several Dancers Core
    featured pianist in performance including modern dance,
    music and poetry                2007

Let’s Get Nice, CD, Georgia State University Jazz Ensemble,
Pianist               2006

Nicholas Payton and the Georgia State University Jazz
    Ensemble, Pianist                2006

Roy Ayers, Performed with Wali Mostly Live Band, opening for Ayers Band,
    Lithonia Ampitheater               2004

Marian McPartland Masterclass at Spivey Hall
    Performed duet with Ms. McPartland               1994    

    Professional Theater

Roswell Theater In the Square, 1940’s Radio Hour             2002
    Pianist and conductor, character “Zoot”

Savoyards Light Opera Company            1992-6
    Chorus and speaking roles in My Fair Lady, Camelot, Ruddigore, Trial By Jury, The Mikado, Gondoliers,The Pirates of Penzance

Capitol City Opera                                     1993
    Accompanist, Hansel and Gretel



Code Name Games - 36 Symbol Recognition Games
    for Elementary Music - Royal Fireworks Press                   2017

Lessons in Middle School General Music - Royal Fireworks Press                                                           2017

Adopt a Composer - Teaching Research Skills through
     Elementary Music History - Royal Fireworks Press              2017

Blues Improvisation for Beginners…And Piano Teachers
                        Royal Fireworks Press              2016

First Lessons in Reading and Playing -
    The Only Piano Primer You’ll Ever Need - Royal Fireworks Press      2016

Authentic Ways of Teaching Jazz - Royal Fireworks Press              2015

Improving Postural Alignment in Middle School Chorus -
                         Royal Fireworks Press              2015  

Solfege Town, a New Approach to Solfege , Royal Fireworks Press          2010

Ballet Music for the Dance Accompanist, Nuncici Press, piano
        pedagogy, with original music by the author                                      1999
     Listed as “Recommended Resource”, Clavier Magazine, November 1999.  Also included in Year-End Roundup of Recommended Teaching Materials.

The Blue Woman and the High Wood (published serially, 2018-9)          2019
Motherless Child                                  2019
The Girl With the Bow (published serially, 2016-2017)               2016
Seven Ways the World Can End                          2014
A Note Before Dying, Booklocker                          2013
        Hofstadter’s Grandchildren, Nuncici Press                      2007
“Recommended Reading” – Valerie Jackson, Between the Lines, 2007
         Myth of Magic, Nuncici Press                            2006

Words, Poetic Settings of Felix Mendelssohn’s Songs Without Words          2013
Distant Hofstadters, A Companion Book to Hofstadter’s Grandchildren        2007     
Short Fiction

“X”, Left Bank Magazine                             2016
“The Ram,” Tifton Review, Volume 4, Issue 2                         2008
        “Post of Ice,” The Predicate, Issue No. 1,                                     2008
        “At A Distance,” Genre Magazine,                                  2001


    Cross Training for Musicians, Ed. David Vining    
Notes of Hope  Ed. David Vining, and


“Reversibility - A More Global Definition” The Feldenkrais Journal, No. 31 2019
“Counting Out Loud:  A Fresh Look at a Traditional Practice Tool” Clavier Companion, January/February 2019                           2019
“Erfahrungen (Sitting)”  Feldenkrais zeit, Vol 17                       2017
“Book Review: Several Short Sentences About Writing,
    Verlynn Klinkenborg”  The Feldenkrais Journal, No. 27               2016
“Wenn es leicht wird, gehe weiter”  Feldenkrais zeit, Vol 16            2016
“Integration and Improvisation - A Feldenkrais Practitioner at Longy”  Dalcroze Connections, Vol 1, No. 2                        2016
“Integrating the Feldenkrais Method and the Dalcroze Method:  Music, Improvisation and Function” - The Feldenkrais Journal No. 27    2014
“Blog” for                          2012 to Present
“Social Stories, the Feldenkrais Method and the Unanswered Question”     2012
    The Feldenkrais Journal, No. 24
“Blog” for Atlanta Choral Music Exchange                  2010 to Present
“Possibilities”, 111 issues,                                  2002 to Present
“My Eyes Uncover My Hands, A Pianist’s Journey”
      The Feldenkrais Journal, No. 17                                                         2004
“The Creativity and Improvisation to Accompany Ballet Classes”
    Clavier Magazine                                                                                  2000
Program Notes, “The Force of Music”, Israel Philharmonic
         with Amit Peled                                                                                    2005
“Mathematics and Feldenkrais: Discovering the Relationship,”
     The Feldenkrais Journal, No. 14                                                          2002
“How To Improve In Any Sport,” Natural Awakenings                                   2002
  “The Feldenkrais Method:  Offering an alternative path to
     health and self-sufficiency,”  Enable Magazine                                    1996
“Giving T’ai Chi a Place In The Park To Play,” T’ai Chi,
     Vol. 21, No. 2    


    Bitter Green (RPM Challenge, February 2019)                 2019
    Demo In Striation (song collection)                         2016    
    Demoo     (song collection)                               2012
The Best of [Both] Worlds (10 songs)                     2010
This album was written as part of the RPM Challenge to create and record a complete 10 song album in the month of February
A mini-documentary about the process of this album’s creation can be viewed at
    Themes Off A Variation for Orchestra                     2009
A copy of this work is kept in the Schumann Haus in Zwickau, Germany
 The End of the Beginning (12 songs)                                                           2001
 Demo N (17 songs)                                  2008
Demo Listen (12 songs)                             2006
Balancing on the Continental Divide (8 songs)                 1999
Gaining Time (16 songs)                              1996
Doorway to Nowhere  (10 songs)                         1994
What Was Once Close Enough (29 songs)                      1991
Numerous chamber, piano, instrumental and vocal works,           1991 - Present
Includes Brass Quintet, Woodwind Quintet, String Quartet, 4 song cycles

    Member, SEACS: Southeast Atlanta Coalition for Schools                        2011
    Related Arts Committee: Neighborhood Charter School                      2008-2012

    ACM:  Access Contemporary Music                           2013 - present
MENC:  The National Association for Music Education, member           09/2006-present
    PAGE:  The Professional Association of Georgia Educators             8/2003-present
FGNA:  The Feldenkrais Guild of North America, member              03/2000 –present

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