The World Needs Me To Get Better At Being

Yesterday I read a book of poems from one of my favorite poets, e. e. cummings.  I was inspired to write poems like his.  But that’s not really what I should be doing.

Thursday I had a conversation with my…


You've Gotten Through Every Crisis You've Ever Faced

I have some experience with crises.  There’s something really important to keep in mind when you’re in one.

You’ve gotten through every crisis you’ve ever faced.

Think about it.  There are only two ways to get through a crisis:  pull…


I Talked To My Kids About Global Climate Change

I talked to my kids about global climate change this week.  It was hard to broach the subject.  I was embarrassed.


I was afraid they think I don’t want to admit it’s happening, or that I don’t care about it…


What Happens When You Fail Enough?

Two of my books that have been in the works for years came out today.  The first is a free book full of advice for teachers.  The second is a collection of my songs for elementary and middle school chorus.


Everyone's A Winner

This week I entered my novel, Motherless Child, in three contests.  Each one awards prizes to independent book publishers.  Entering the book into those contests was quite scary for me.


It’s scary because I’ve entered lots of contests and…


Why I Do It, And Why I Should Stop

The prime motivator in my life at present is my need to be validated.  The rules are simple:  I want to be acknowledged by a reliable source for something I believe I have done well.  This motivator has been a…


I Could Never Tell You

I don't have a particularly deep or inspiring blog this week.  I just had it in my heart to say something.  It won't take long.


I like to let people know when they inspire me.  I have made a point…


Solo On the Melody

I hadn’t had a piano lesson in 15 years.  But a colleague of mine agreed to give me one.  I like his style and I trust him.


I told him that when I tried to jazz solo over fast tunes…


It Doesn't Help to Hear What's Wrong

When I took the Dale Carnegie coaching, the most useful thing I learned was “Don’t criticize, condemn or complain.”  This is really hard advice to follow.  A lot of people just can’t believe it’s true and I haven’t always been…


When You Want to Succeed, Failure Must Be An Option

If you’ve been following this blog for any length of time, you’ll know I like bowling.  Me and my boys go from time to time, and it’s been both fun and frustrating to try to figure out why I’m so…


Nobody Knows You Failed

I’m experiencing a joy I never thought I’d have.  I’m sharing my albums with the whole world.  And I’m learning a valuable lesson.


Since I was 18 I’ve been writing and recording albums of songs, some on my Tascam Porta…


How to Stop Asking, "Am I Good Enough?"

I’ve got a terrible confession to make.  Most of the creative projects I did were in order to answer one simple question:  Am I good enough?


What a waste of time and energy.  Years later, I look at all the…