I Could Never Tell You

I don't have a particularly deep or inspiring blog this week.  I just had it in my heart to say something.  It won't take long.


I like to let people know when they inspire me.  I have made a point to regularly write famous and distinguished people to thank them for the place they or their work has taken in my life.  Sometimes they even write back!


I also like to let my friends and family know when they are important to me.  I try to tell people close to me how much they mean to me.  I don't always succeed, but I try.


There's one group of people I don't tell.  


These are the folks whom I knew, or sometimes still know, who had a really important place in my life and didn't know it.  Maybe we had a moment once a long time ago that meant a great deal to me.  Maybe they had a significant place in my life for a while and it didn't occur to them what it meant to me.


Maybe I keep that person in my heart because of some special day, or because once they were compassionate to me when I needed it, or because we were both young and I was stupid and they didn't hold it against me.  I can't tell these people what they meant to me because it would be awkward.


It's highly likely they don't feel the same way about me, because sometimes it's a one way thing.  Or if I told them, it would change our relationship or be complicated in some other way.  And so they never really get to hear how precious they are to me, still.


I'm telling you now.


Thank you.  Thank you for that moment, or maybe many moments, when you forgave me, or when you didn't hold my stupidity against me, or when you were just being you and I needed that.  I can't tell you personally, but if you think it's you, it probably is.



News from a Jazz Musician Who Writes Books

For technical reasons, I had to withdraw Motherless Child right after I published it, and revise a few minor but important details this summer.  It is now once again for sale, and in a slightly different format than before.  This means that if I sent you a copy, or if you bought one when it first came out, you have a rare collector's edition.  Protect it!

If you've read it, or if you are planning to buy it now, please review it on Amazon!  This means the world to me, because Amazon will make decisions about how to present it based on the number and quality of these reviews.  The link to Amazon is here:  https://www.amazon.com/MOTHERLESS-CHILD-CUSA-Adam-Cole/dp/1644380153

Adam Cole is a Jazz Musician Who Writes Books. Fantasy author, music educator and performer, Adam chats weekly on the subject of listening, creativity and living your best life. To get a free book on marketing tips for passing out fliers, getting on your own radio show, and writing a blog people will read, please go to www.mymusicfriend.net and subscribe.



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