Where Mara Solomon Has Been

Dear Musicfriends and Mara Supporters,

In the last month I've been quiet.  That's because I've been busy getting this book ready.  Remember, I'm a self-publisher.  Booklocker is producing the book, but I'm the one who has to prepare the manuscript.  That means:

Editing down to the last detail, checking for spelling and punctuation, checking again, making formatting decisions on indentations, picking a font, getting a LCCN, checking for spelling and punctuation AGAIN, writing an author's bio, writing a blurb for the back cover, communicating with the cover designer, and a few hundred other little things.

At this point, nearly all of that is done as of today.  The book will go into production in a couple of days and, after I've seen it, proofed the publishing version, and signed off, hopefully, will be released in a month or so.

It's a slow process.

But very fulfilling.  And speaking of fulfilling, when I get my copies, I'll send you yours!



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