Does Your Brain Have What It Takes to Play Piano?

Last week I introduced you to a resource that pointed out all the benefits to playing the piano.  About the same time, a friend of mine sent me a link to an article purporting that pianists have very different kinds of brains.  Here is the link…be sure to come back after you read it!


The article seems to offer strong evidence for the fact that great pianists are born, not made.  Pianists have different kinds of brains, you see.  The only question is:  Are you among the elect?


Well, I’d suggest a little care is in order.  If we swallow the premise, hook, line and sinker, we’re going to decide very quickly that piano lessons, heck, music lessons, simply aren’t worth it if we’re not showing the “talent” for it.  If we can’t take to the instrument like a duck to water, we should probably drop it.


But hold on.  Wh

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