Adam Cole Is Now An Author With Royal Fireworks Press

I am very pleased to announce that Royal Fireworks Press has contracted with me to publish all of my non-fiction books currently in print, and is interested in producing other books that I have currently in progress. We completed negotiations this afternoon, and I am very confident that the partnership will be a fruitful one.  What does this mean for my readers?


Royal Fireworks Press is one of the largest publishers for gifted and talented children in the United States.  They have been in operation since 1971 and represent over 300 authors including Michael Clay Thompson and Shelagh Gallagher.  Their curricula, in their words, are "demanding, wide-ranging and creative," and champion the cause of the book in our digital world.


They will be publishing most of my non-fiction titles including Solfege Town, Authentic Ways of Teaching Jazz, and Blues Improvisation for Beginners and Piano Teachers.  The books will emerge from their e-book format into attractive print versions.  We will be marketing them to a much wider audience, including but not limited to homesechooling parents across the country.


I have other books in process, and Royal Fireworks will be publishing these as they emerge.  Watch for a sequel to Blues Improvisation for Beginners...and Piano Teachers soon.  A book on arts integration, and another on applications of music education to the business world will soon follow.


I have already been doing speaking engagements on behalf of arts advocacy and the best uses of arts education, and with the assistance of Royal Fireworks Press, I intend to extend my reach across the globe.  Furthermore, Royal Fireworks Press is also working with me to create online courses based on my curricula.  I am hoping to touch as many people as I can with the message of the many uses of arts education in the betterment of ourselves, our communities, and our world.


I couldn't be more excited.  I hope you are too!  If you aren't yet subscribed to our e-mail list, there couldn't be a better time to sign up.


 Adam Cole is an author, educator and performer who blogs weekly on the subject of listening, creativity and artistry.  To view more of Adam's work, please visit 





  • Hugh White

    Hugh White

    Way to go Adam!! That’s awesome!!!

    Way to go Adam!! That’s awesome!!!

  • Rick


    Congrats, Adam! A lot of hard work and perseverance pays off. Great news!

    Congrats, Adam! A lot of hard work and perseverance pays off. Great news!

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