Motherless Child

Book One in the CUSA series

When Rosa's mother loses her job with the Corporate United States of America, her family must flee or be killed in an employee purge. Taking the dangerous bus trip across the Unincorporated States, they are ambushed by bandits. Hopelessly separated from her family, Rosa is rescued by the people of Ascension, a small backwoods Virgilna town with a terrible secret.

Seventeen years in the making, Cole’s book about a girl trapped between two Americas serves as a reminder of what the United States has become, and what it still could be.

The Speed of Silence

Book Two in the CUSA series - coming soon from Nuncici Press

The Girl With the Bow

Vival thought it would be straightforward to retrieve a girl from an island out at sea.  But it quickly became apparent by her dark skin and independent spirit that it wasn’t her home.  How did she get there?  Where did she come from?  If the girl knew, she wasn’t telling.


Their boat now smashed to pieces by a mysterious storm, Vival and Nyla must seek help from Tom the Incredibly Helpful Sword and two misfit criminals named Chere and Sherluck.  Yet as the small world seems to collapse around them, the only thing that can save them all may be Nyla’s undiscovered talent.


In this first installment, Adam Cole follows in the tradition of C.S. Lewis, Phillip Pullman and J.K.Rowling in unfolding a rich fantasy world for children and adults.

The Blue Woman and the High Wood

Book Two in the Vie A'Lyn Series - coming soon from Nuncici Press

The Myth of Magic

 "Myth of Magic is what a fantasy novel really should be..." Booknet

The Childbearer

Book 2 in the Queensland Series - Coming soon from Nuncici Press

The Prison Spell

Book 3 in the Queensland Series - Coming soon from Nuncici Press

Seven Ways the World Can End

Two foolish young men pretend to speak for Jesus and start the apocalypse. One arrogant businessman makes the last deal of his, or anyone's life. A lonely woman discovers that she is the only real person in the universe.

Seven tales of terror, despair and redemption from the author of Motherless Child and Hofstadter's Grandchildren.

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