Dear AC Watchers, I've been thinking about it. Here's why Generation X is all mixed up. When we were little kids, there were tons of sugary cereals to eat for breakfast, lots of junk food all around, and we were all set to go nuts like the generation before us did, but then they told us how bad all that sugar was for us. Unfortunately, at that point, there weren't any alternatives, so everyone just ate the sugar and felt bad about it. When we were teenagers, there was lots of sex and drugs on TV, in the movies, and all around us, and we were all set to go nuts like the generation before us did, but then they told us how dangerous all that stuff was, what with addiction and STD's. Unfortunately, at that point, with cities at their lowest ebb and suburbs isolating everyone, there weren't any real alternatives, so everyone just did their thing and felt bad about it. Now we're grown up, we have to drive our cars everywhere to keep a job, use lots of fossil fuels to travel, create an enormous amount of waste, plastic, etc. just to keep our environments clean enough to survive. And we're doing the best we can to keep sane and raise our families, just like the generation before us. But they're telling us how all the fossil fuels and plastic are killing the planet. Unfortunately, at this point, there isn't any real alternative. I predict that in thirty years, when the bulk of us will be ready to retire, they'll tell us that retirement is a bad thing, that the world needs us now more than ever, that we'll be a drain on resources other people need. But at that point there really won't be any real alternative... Are you getting the picture? So this is my theory: We're just out of luck, us Gen X'ers. But we have a mission, and I think we're doing it the best we can. I've been told that our generation are super protective of our kids, even overprotective. I think that's because we're trying to nurture a generation that will create the alternatives we didn't have, but were expected to enjoy. That's what I'm doing, anyway. It's the only way I can keep going, as mixed up as I am. Love, Adam


Teresa May 09, 2010 @05:00 pm

You're amazing at doing the best you can and I love you for it.

Gil Grodzinsky May 09, 2010 @05:43 am

So true!!!! Muse on...

Chris Renaldo May 09, 2010 @05:08 am

AC, I encourage you to go to YouTube and type in "George Carlin save the planet". Then type in "George Carlin, we like war" Then, etc. Carlin was more of a social critic than comedian. While he was as duplicitous and narcissistic as those he often critiqued, he seemed to have a very dispassionate and astute view of every generation from the "greatest generation" (WWII) through the "baby boomers" "Woodstock" and "Generation X". And don't look for much optimism, to cite the late Carlin; "we're (America) circling the drain".

Darcy May 08, 2010 @09:14 pm

I love this post. You nailed it on the head. It takes a lot of energy to go totally counterculture and free yourself of sugar, fossil fuels, TV, junk foods, etc. It's all I can do to just get through the day some days. Maybe when the kids are older...

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