Dear Musicfriends,


If you've never seen Adam Cole in his role as keyboard player for the Wipes, the rock-and-roll band that plays an annual benefit for the Grant Park Cooperative Preschool, then you've missed:


- Amazing performances of your favorite rock hits (and lesser known gems)

- Great Food

- The heartwarming sight of dozens of preschool children sitting on the floor mesmerized by a rock-and-roll band


Don't miss it this year.  We're at our faithful host location, the Graveyard Tavern in East Atlanta, on May 7, at 3:00.


Y'all come!





Dear Musicfriends,


More than a year ago I took the RPM Challenge to write and record an album in a single month.


I never meant to wait a year to release the tracks.  My intention was to fix up the recording somewhat.  We had five recording devices working that day.  Three of them failed.  I don't have access to the fourth recording.  That leaves only one, and that's what you can hear today!


To hear any of the songs from the session, go to and click on the Best of [Both] Worlds tab.  If you want to hear the complete session with dialogue, false starts, and children laughing, you can download the whole thing at  Warning:  It's a large file!


My thanks to everyone who participated, and we'll have a real CD release party someday!

Dear friends,


I recently had the pleasure of getting a photo shoot from Jordan Fink.  He has posted the results on his website.  Want to help me choose?


Which one do you think would be the best "Author Photo" for my young person's fantasy novel?  How about for my Mystery Novel?  My Science Fiction writing?


Which one should I use for my next album?


Love, Adam


Hi, Musicfriends,


I got a lot of grateful responses to my last blog.  A lot of you really seem to need hope right now.  I wrote a song about hope which I haven't shared with too many people, and I thought now might be the time.


I was taking the train home from the Dale Carnegie training about 8 years ago when I got a melodic idea in my head.  I managed to write it down and some words came along with it.  That became the song "Faith In Your Shining Star."  I've just uploaded it.


At the time I was spending every day of my life terrified of the future, far from achieving any of my goals.  Since then I've accomplished a lot of them, but I've also gone into a tunnel.  I didn't have a lot eight years ago, but I had vision.  Today, my vision isn't so clear.


Sometimes I write songs that turn out to be messages for myself later on.  This was one of those.




Dear Friends,


I receive Discmaker's blog.  Ordinarily I'm not tempted, but the other day I saw a heading:  "Top Music Business Mistakes of 2010" and I bit!


I'm glad I did.  The series of articles I read was perhaps the most sensible thing I've EVER read about us self-propelled creative types.  In sum, the five articles, plus the attached interview, say more or less that there is no "big break," no "next level."  You try stuff, you keep going, and if you last long enough, are organized, have good goals and have something of value, you make slow progress.  Period.


For a long time I fretted about making it to "the next level."  But this series put my mind at ease.  Sure, there are big breaks, but they come as a result of a long slow process.  And in the end, they're just another link in a long rope that goes beyond them.


So I've been doing what I need to do to succeed for a long time.  I may not be as organized as I need to be, may not have done as much or been as smart as I could have, but by doing what I can do and trying to get better, and by keeping on, I'm doing exactly what I should be doing.  And if I succeed, I succeed, and if I don't, I don't.  Period.


That may not be reassuring to everyone, but for where I'm at I'm ready to hear it, and it's exactly what I need to hear.





And here it is, Lost Song Number 12! I wrote this song while working at a job where I had a lot of time on my hands. I was struggling to write something more interesting, more substantial than my previous songs. I really wanted to write something GOOD. I was inspired by the building of the 17th Street Bridge (which looked a lot better before they painted it yellow) still incomplete at the time. I came up with this musical motif that represented a bridge, and I wrote the song around that. There is another, more polished version of this song on this site as well. This was my first recording of it, and I like it better.
Dear Musicfriends and Adam Cole Watchers, It's been an exciting week! I finally finished submitting three years of work to the copyright office, and that means I can start sharing a lot more stuff with you. Professionally: - I submitted a poem to the New Yorker. I do that every once in a while. Wish me luck. - I'm preparing to release my long-delayed short story collection, Seven Ways The World Can End. - I'll be adding a lot of files to my file-share page. More on that later! Personally: I feel good. I'm looking at learning some new skills, like how to create a business plan. I'll be needing your help with some new projects I'm working on. Watch for those opportunities at this space! Keep commenting on this blog. I live for your comments! Love, Adam
Lost Song Number Eleven is my political protest song. Interestingly enough, it's vague enough that I suppose anyone from any political party could use this song. Hopefully, it resonates with you.
I didn't actually anyone in mind when I wrote this...I imagined myself far in the future, having made some colossally stupid mistake that I was too blind to recognize, and I gave myself a little lecture. The scary thing is that some years after I wrote this song, things changed for someone I knew and this song is now perfect for them. I still keep the warning of the song in mind for myself. It's never too late to screw up the good things in your life in a moment of madness.
Hi, Musicfriends! I just received another check from Booklocker, the company that prints my newest book, Solfege Town. I was very pleased with the amount on the check! Surprised, too. So I checked my sales-page. Solfege Town sales have DOUBLED since the previous quarter! Thanks for those who are supporting my books. If music-education isn't your thing, never fear. There are some novels on the horizon. Stay tuned! Love, Adam

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