My superpower is writing about ideas.  It would be easy enough for me to live my life without ever writing about good ideas.  Plenty of other people write about ideas, and I’d have lots more time to watch shows like The Office.


On the other hand, I think there are things I write about which no one else quite would.  Using my superpowers benefits the world at least a little.  And it benefits me a lot.


It makes me feel like I’m of value, not just taking up space, passing time.  I become a unique contributor in a universe that is so vast that just one neighborhood is too big to contemplate.  When I see my superpower in action, I feel better.


Everyone has a superpower.  There’s something you do that makes the world a little brighter.  You have to find a way to do that while you can.


Maybe you’re not the only person that braids hair at a transcendent artistic level.  That doesn’t matter.  It’s still your superpower.


Maybe you don’t think that walking dogs and making them extremely happy is much of a superpower.  It doesn’t matter.  It validates you and makes the world a better place.


There are plenty of people who don’t use their superpower.  Some don’t because they either don’t know it, or think it’s not that interesting.  Others don’t because they’re afraid of what might happen if they use it.


You don’t have to make yourself famous with your superpower.  You don’t have to make yourself rich with your superpower.  You just have to use it out in the world so that someone gets the benefit.


Do you have a responsibility to use your superpower?  I’d prefer to think of it this way:  If the world is a better place when you do something, do you want the world to be a better place?  If so, then use your superpower.


This blog isn’t about being a Superperson all the time, because nobody gets to do that.  This blog isn’t even about prioritizing your superpower, because that may not be your path.  It’s about making sure that at some time during your day, during your life, you recognize and use it.


You may have to get someone to tell you what your superpower is.  You may have to do face your fear or discomfort to use your superpower.  You may decide you like it so much you have to do it all the time, and that may scare the crap out of you.


What’s your superpower?  What’s stopping you from using it?  What’s the plan to start doing it?


Darcy B Hamlin July 23, 2018 @12:15 pm

I feel like I won the global lottery because I did get to pursue a life using my superpower (horn performance). Not everyone has that luxury, and certainly only the lucky few have had that privilege throughout history. I dream of a world where the system empowers everyone, regardless of class, race, or gender, to pursue their superpower. I feel like I'm using that superpower. But I'm wondering if there may be others I could use more: arranging, teaching, writing, composing come to mind. Thanks for the inspiration!

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