Dear Adam Cole Watchers, what were you doing when you were 18? What did you wish you were doing? If you're younger than 18, what do you hope you'll be doing at 18? About five years ago I got this piano student, this kid named Luke McGinnis. Nice kid, quiet, looked like he wasn't quite sure he wanted to be there. He played me some stuff he was working on, we talked about how important it is to practice, and he left. He came back next week and we did the same thing. That lasted a few months, until he stopped, having never really agreed with me that it's important to practice. They came back for a couple of lessons about a year later, and he seemed much more interested in what I had to say. All I could do was give him a little pep talk, because he was here and gone again. But he had gotten a good bit better. Flash to several weeks ago. I get this e-mail from him that he's heading off to Berklee College of Music this fall, which is where people go when they're so serious about music that most of them leave to be professionals after a couple of years and never graduate. He says he's in a band, King Richard's Sunday Best ( and they're having CD release party. Can I come? I don't go to concerts much. With my family life, it's hard enough. But my expectations for "good concerts" are so high that I usually stay away from concerts because most of them disappoint me. Still, I thought I owed it to him to go. After all, he came back to see me, so he must have practiced a little. I just got back from the concert. Have you ever wished you could have been there at the club when Crosby, Stills, and Nash first got going? Or how about being there when the New Pornographers decided to do a concert? You'd feel like you'd hit the jackpot, like you were at something very special. Yep. They were that good. Even if the songs hadn't been wam-pow-beautiful and interesting, which they were, I still would have been knocked out. There's something astonishing about the level of work they've done, the tightness of their harmonies, the well-thought out arrangements, the audience participation bit, and the element of comedy to keep themselves honest. All I could think was, "Boy am I lucky." So if I were you, I'd keep track of Luke McGinnis. I'd buy that CD. If you hear the band is playing, I'd go. Because I wish I'd been that good when I was 18. Love, Adam


Adam Cole May 02, 2010 @06:33 pm

He was playing it today!

Scott Mitchell May 02, 2010 @05:53 pm

Very cool Adam, I'll keep my eyes open. BTW, is he still playing piano?

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