Adam Cole

Adam Cole is a fantasy author and musician.  Adam has written numerous works of fiction including Motherless Child and The Girl With the Bow.  He has also chronicled his personal journey through stage fright, improvement and the learning process in his popular blog series.  


Characters in Adam's books and stories navigate the hazards of deep relationships, the fear of learning new things, and the difficulties of being an outsider. Through his numerous books and public speaking engagements he has offered his life-guidance to readers young and old around the world. In addition to his numerous fiction titles, he creates effective music education resources for teachers and children, as well as presents on ideas about learning. 

Adam is a co-director with Katherine Moore of the Grant Park Academy of the Arts.  He has worked as a jazz musician, music educator and choral director in public and private education for 20 years.  He has taken his many experiences and reworked them into the imaginary worlds his readers have discovered.






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