Adam Cole

Adam Cole worked as a jazz musician and bandleader for ten years in Atlanta before becoming a public speaker, curriculum designer and educator.   His work explores the learning process, the science of the brain, and the fluidity of the body. Through his presentations and his writing he has offered his guidance to students and teachers throughout the United States and around the world.


For thirty years Adam has chronicled his journey through the learning process in his popular blog series.  He has created many effective music education resources for teachers and children, as well as essays on the learning of mathematics and the Feldenkrais Method.  He also puts his passion into fiction, writing about outsiders and outliers finding their place in societies that do not know how to appreciate them.

Adam is a co-director with Katherine Moore of the Grant Park Academy of the Arts.  His books on music include Solfege TownAuthentic Ways of Teaching Jazz and The Only Piano Primer You'll Ever Need.  Check out his video page for more teaching resources and archival footage of the Adam Cole Trio.      






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