Adam Cole

Adam Cole suffered from severe stage fright until he was 35.  Despite this, he still managed to work as a pianist for the Atlanta Ballet, and to share the stage with such jazz greats as Nicholas Payton and Marian McPartland.  He worked around Atlanta as a jazz and classical musician for many years, searching for ways to become the musician he felt he was inside.


Through a combination of experiences in the piano school at Georgia State University, his work with the Feldenkrais Method(TM), and his experiences teaching children, he eventually became the musician he had always dreamed.  Wishing to extend the reach of his passion, Adam decided to create opportunities through his books, music and workshops, whereby anyone at any level could grow beyond their idea of what they can do.  Along the way he also found time to put his passion into fiction, representing the struggle in story.


Adam is a co-director with Katherine Moore of the Grant Park Academy of the Arts.  He is the author of numerous books about music and music pedagogy and has taught piano and voice to beginners and professionals for the last twenty years.  He speaks and blogs across the country on the surprising benefits of music education for business and personal growth. 


Adam's has studied piano with Geoffrey Haydon, Ted Howe and Neal Creque, conducting with Alan Raines, Patrick Freer and Daniel Moe, and composition and orchestration with Nicholas Demos, Curtis Bryant and Dennis Eberhard.  He is the author of numerous nonfiction books on music including Solfege Town, Authentic Ways of Teaching Jazz and The Only Piano Primer You'll Ever Need.  Searching for more about Adam Cole, the author?  Please click here.  Shhh!  Want to hear some of Adam's music? Please click here.




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